DIY Tile-fixing

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Tiles are versatile for covering, protecting and beautifying many surfaces in your home. They're ideal for walls and floors and are easy to clean and maintain so they're both practical and decorative.

Replace a broken tile by following Cashbuild's easy step-by-step instructions

Occasionally things go wrong and they break. But there's no need to let a broken tile ruin the general appearance of a room – Cashbuild stocks everything you need to sort it out smoothly.

Removal and replacement are the same whether the tile is ceramic, porcelain or stone. Follow these easy steps and your wall or floor will look new in no time.

You'll need

Old rag, hammer, replacement tile/s, chisel, putty knife, damp cloth, notched trowel, tile adhesive, grout, safety goggles, protective gloves, grout remover (if necessary).

Important notes

  • Make sure your eyes are protected with safety goggles to prevent injury in case of flying tile shards.
  • Wear protective gloves when removing the damaged tile to prevent being cut.
  • Don't rush the job – you don't want to damage the tiles next to the one you're replacing.

Step 1

Make the break

Put an old rag over the broken tile. Shatter it carefully with a hammer, making sure you don't damage any of the surrounding tiles. Use gentle, focused blows starting from one corner and working across the tile in rows.

Step 2

Clean it up

Remove the tile chips with a chisel. Clean out the old tile adhesive with a putty knife. Scrape around the edges of the surrounding tiles to remove dust, debris and grout that might get in the way of the replacement tile. Wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. Allow to dry completely.

Step 3

Stick it down

Use a notched trowel to spread tile adhesive on the back of the replacement tile then put it in place. Gently apply even pressure until the tile is secure. Allow the adhesive to dry for the time recommended by the manufacturer – check the packaging or ask your friendly Cashbuild consultant for details.

Step 4

Grout it

Fill the gaps between the new tile and the surrounding area with grout. Allow to dry (check packaging for how long this takes). Once the grout has dried, wipe the tiles with a damp cloth.

Tip: Check the grout of the rest of the tiled area – if it's chipped or stained, now is a good time to sort it out. Use a grout remover to get rid of the old grout then replace with fresh grout.

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